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Moving to KC!

Moving to KC! published on 10 Comments on Moving to KC!

Hi! ABD here!
Thanks, everyone for following us so far!
Bethellium’s new address is !

I apologize for the many changes and movements this comic has suffered during the last few months. As you can see the project is growing and with it, new adjustments need to be made.
We had to move from the old server to this new one in Linode, where the speed was way faster and it was cheaper to maintain. Many of you probably felt uncomfortable having to use a different address to access the comic, and the fact you did follow us during that change is something I personally appreciate quite a lot!

Now, the amazing guys at KemonoCafe invited Bethellium to join their multi-webcomic project with all the advantages it carries: more variety of projects for you to read, far better visualization in portables, easier managing on my side, and of course, the chance to participate all together as a community to bring more attention to our projects and hopefully, with more eyes on the comics, more potential supporters to keep these magic worlds alive!

Now, this means that if you follow this comic in English here, you’ll now need to go to the new address to locate the most recent updates, once every Friday as always. And I say English because, even if Bethellium is essentially moving to KemonoCafe, this site is not going to be wasted. My native language is Spanish and I always wanted to create a Spanish version of it too. So in the near future, will start hosting Bethellium in Spanish! English readers probably don’t care much about this change, but this means a lot to me. Because it helps us to expand the project to an entirely new audience, in addition to having this comic finally done in the language I’ve known since childhood.

I apologize for forcing you to follow the comic once more to a new site entirely. It’s understandable if this is too much, but I honestly hope you’ll give us a chance once more. Nothing else changes, updates will remain once a week with the same level of quality on “”. We sure hope to see you there!

Also, you should know that this change also comes with some recent and exciting news that I’ll be able to announce to you real soon! Hopefully, this will mean you’ll have more ways to enjoy Bethellium and possibly, ways to make the creation faster, giving you more content more quickly!

Once again, I thank you for following this comic until now! And hopefully we’ll see you around at KemonoCafe

Oh! And in case you’re wondering, all the other projects remain in the same site: Moonlace, C-chan and Swashbuckled. So that remains unchanged.


I am confused by all this, and have been struggling to make sure I see what happens to all the Furry comics of the web after so many website closures in the past few years, but if it’s what you want to do then go for it, I guess. I’m not sure about how it’s gonna turn out if (correct me if I’m wrong) your primary language readerbase is once again forced to go elsewhere.

I’m not very familiar with what could have happened to other webcomics, but I can completely understand the difficulties of keeping them alive during extended periods of time. Based on my personal experience a number of things could happen: lack of money, lack of people interested in reading the comics, problems inside the team creating the comic, or even the author burning out and deciding to simply move away. In my personal case, I am doing what I can to keep the monetary support flowing, while also keeping the comic free for everyone to read. When you depend on support from people in the shape of Patreon subscriptions (like I do) having the largest base of visitors is of utmost importance, because if you have, for example, 10k viewers, you have a chance of getting around 100 supporters to keep the project alive. Things have not been bad on my side, but the support got stagnated during this year, probably because of the pandemics which is hitting everyone real bad. That’s why instead of adding more paywalls, I decided to go and search for more viewers increasing the chance of getting more supporters that could spend $2 or $5 every month to keep the project alive. KemonoCafe has a really large audience, so this could potentially work for everyone’s benefit. I honestly apologize for forcing everyone to follow the comic to another site, but hopefully I made the point more or less clear of why I’m doing this. I can promise you one thing, even if I have to resort to writing a flat text because every other option has been depleted, I’ll finish this story! I have no intention of leaving this story without an ending, even if it takes me decades :X

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