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Page 2-43 published on 3 Comments on Page 2-43

Art and story by ABD.
Flats by Shana
Script revision by Tsumi

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This has truly gone far enough. Katherine has put some people’s lives and relationships in jeopardy, and she’s even risking her own future to expose Zoana and what she believes as some connection with The Red Hemlock as her daughter or something. This persistent lady has brought Zoana to tears and putting her academic future at risk as well. Something needs to give or things are going to get really worse. And even if it is known that Zoana does have that kind of connection if true, Does it have an effect on her future? As in, she’s destined to be some sort of evil person in the end? What Red Hemlock was is not who she’ll be. It’s not hereditary as well. Kathy’s is just motivated by pure fear without understanding that Zoana is just Zoana at the end of the day. She’ll never be anything similar.

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