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Page 2-46 published on 7 Comments on Page 2-46

Art and story by ABD.
Flats by Shana
Script revision by Tsumi

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um , kettle black.!! you princess knew them well,, also.!!
in order to call her here , you HAD to to know them as well if not better…
an before you say “calling card” that any one could have placed.. princess knows how to make it personal,.. IE: “only he knew that.”

Watch yourself, Zoana. Clearly Katherine has some conniving thoughts in mind. She seems hell-bent on destroying Zoana, figuratively if not literally. I’m thinking that may be her undoing…she’s so focused on “getting” Zoana that she’s probably going to make some mistake that Zoana can somehow exploit. Should be quite the battle.

Zoana: “Princess, you are proving to be more like him, than I ever will be.” “YOU are manipulating people, you are changing events, to get your way.” … ” I just want to help people an improve my alchemy.”
Katherine: “LIES!!” “I have to prove you are his Daughter, an destroy you. “

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