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Art and story by ABD.
Flats by Shana
Script revision by Tsumi

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4 Comments make it cold.. you need three things to make fire ,, O2 , heat . an fuel..
fuel = Kathy .. can’t do much with that. as she is the fuel..
O2 = H2O ,, converting as much O2 to H2O , lessens the O2 use.. ( monsoon rain.! torrential rain )
heat,, if it is made cold,, then her fires will be real hard to maintain.!
cuz yeah,, a cold (freezing) torrential rain,, and fire is useless.!

Well, that escalated quickly! Clearly the devastation that hit Katherine’s village was traumatic (gotta go back and reread that flashback, look for clues), but it sure does seem as though she’s gone beyond rational thought. Zoana seems to know more than she’s letting on, but I’m not seeing her as a villain here. Will Zoana’s friends intervene? How about the rest of the Council? Is Katherine risking giving up her position, title, and power by clearly going beyond the sanction of the Council? Definitely looking forward to what happens next.

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