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Art and story by ABD.
Flats by Shana
Script revision by Tsumi

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Sooo, despite things resolving on a seemingly positive note for the ladies, Auri is clearly still possessive of Elle and jealous of Zoana. I guess the question is what perspective do Zoana and Elle have of each other. So far, Zoana seems to be sticking to the role of teacher to Elle’s apprentice. Maybe there could be some motherly undertones, but so far it doesn’t seem that personal from her perspective. Elle, on the other hand seems like she’s looking at Zoana as a teacher bordering on hero. That perspective could certainly evolve into more personal feelings, and I sense that Auri is ready to call both of them out if she thinks things are going farther that either of them alludes to. And I’m still wondering where Katherine is going to fit into all of this, whether she and Zoana can develop respect for each other if not an actual friendship. Cool storyline, keep it going and congrats ABD!

Thanks for the good wishes! I’m also very happy to hear the story is interesting for you so far 😀
This chapter is intended to delve deeper into Zoana and Katherine’s past. Hopefully I’ll keep it interesting enough throughout until we hit the more action filled ending.
At least, I know that you’ll be here reading the comic, and that makes it all worth it 😀

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