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Art and story by ABD.
Flats by Shana
Script revision by Tsumi

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After bingeing on Moonlace and The Depths, I finally got to Bethellium. I know this isn’t “adult-oriented like the others, but the artwork is still beautiful and a super intriguing storyline. Can’t wait to see what Zoana, Elle, Katherine and the others do next.

“You know what? I’m out of here! You can send all my belongings to my home and then, MAYBE, we will talk again”

I mean, what reasons she have to bear those assholes?

She’ll ask herself the same question more than once. There are reasons behind everything: Zoana’s interest in the city, Katherine’s behaviour and of course and Zoana’s will to help others in this zealous way. We’re going to indeed explore it further on Chapter 2 🙂

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